Terms and Conditions

██████████ ▌▌  ▌ ❇ Winter Trend SL 2013 ❇ ▌  ▌▌██████████

29th November - 06 December 2013

███ ▌▌  ▌ ABOUT ITEMS

• Each designer will have to make a one (01) exclusive release for this event.

☆ Note:
➀  If you want you can do more than one exclusive item. And.. we'll appreciate it.
➁ We encouraged keeping most of the stock at the event new / exclusive releases because competition for sales will be hard with so much amazing new product in one place.

• It's optional!
But it would be nice to offer little gifts, It's something more to flow the traffic of the event.

☆ Note:  All designer accepted will received a standard box to put a gift of 0L or 1L.
• Will be allowed to use ONE gacha per store.

███ ▌▌  ▌TIMELINE

Please, stay tuned to the dates established for the good progress and success of our event.

███ ▌▌  ▌RULES

▌Event Group:

        ✎ Important: You will need a group to access the land, we will send this as late as we can for your convenience.

• You need to have an open space to receive the group event.
• After payment, we will send the invitation to the group - Winter Trend SL 2013.
   If you do not receive the group at 24 hours, please contact us.

• All news will be sent to the group.
   You must be responsible to monitor and read all the information.
• Landmark, calendars, boards will be sent by the group - Winter Trend SL 2013.

• Any change in the rules, will be sent to the group.

▌Scripts :

Scripts allowed:
  ✔ Landmark giver (one for store);
  ✔ Profit Split Script  (% to vendor)
  ✔ Animation Vendor Script (only for pose/animation store).
Scripts NOT allowed:
  ✖ Group inviter
  ✖ Group gift
  ✖ Scripts to send messages (of any kind)
  ✖ Animations scripts (exceptions for pose stores)
  ✖ Amoug other
         ✎ Any questions about a specific scripts, please contact us.

▌Decorations :
• Decoration rules are subject to change •
(Do not worry, any change will be notified)

➀ All stores are no modify. You can change the inside, using your prims.
➁ Decoration is just inside the store.
   The decor of out of the store, will be returned without notice.
➂ All decoration prims must be set to ‘phantom’.
   If you cannot set to phantom because they are no mod, you cannot use them in your booth.
➃ Furniture with script: please, delete the script.



✎ Included in all packages:
    -  You brand and products (for this event) will be featured in the official pages of the event.

    - A big store with 250 prim.
      (the footage of the store will be sent later)
    - Privileged place (near the landing point).
    ▪ Cost:  L$ 6.000
    - Medium store with 100 prim.
      (the footage of the store will be sent later)
    ▪ Cost:  L$ 3.500
    - Small  store with 75 prim.
      (the footage of the store will be sent later)
    ▪ Cost:  L$ 2.500


The fee should be paid as soon as your participation in the event is confirmed.
(Only after you paid, the group's event will be sent to avatars indicated in the application).

We will not return lindens.
Be sure that you want participate in this event when submit your application and pay the fees.

    We are carrying out a serious event and we will use the money to pay all expenses necessary to conduct a successful event.