Sunday, September 29, 2013

Just a few words about trends ...

Trend is evolution!

The word trend can be defined as "general direction for which something moves or evolves". In fashion, it can be a style, a color, a print or patterned which begins to gain acceptance and wide adoption.

The trends have a life incostante (because they can last a long time or be discarded in a short time) and this feature is known as volatile "fashion cycle". Inside this cycle it is possible define some characteristics that a trend can take, such as:

trickledown (released trend on the catwalks who fell in popular taste)
TrickleAcross (trends that affect everyone, like a fever collective)
TrickeUp (trend that comes in small groups and ascends to the catwalk).

But trends do not apply only to fashion, clothing and accessories ... Everything that is produced followed any trend or was influenced by some. It is present in architecture, interior designers, behavior, music ... other words, everything around us was influenced by it.

This event is the answer to our desire to show the SL what today is trend for designers of SL, who through their creations reflect in our virtual world what's trending in real world. What influences us, delights us and which are inserted around us so as to transform and adapt our reality according to our needs and desires.

We are glad to turn this idea into reality ... and for that we want the support of all ... creators with their magnificent creations, bloggers with your photos and reviews that leave us always updated, people like myself and you guys addicts fashion, beauty addicts, addicts creativity, or addicted to everything that can make our world better.

I hope to share this feeling with you all ...
and that together we can enjoy an event beautiful, alive and current.